The Court of Barcelona grants the custody and custody of a nine-year-old child to his maternal grandmother, who took care of him, and given the father’s “carefreeness” regarding the son, affirms the sentence, collected by Europa Press.

After the parents separated, the mother suffered a stroke that caused her a 90% disability, and the grandmother went on to take care of her and the boy “alone”, who was then two years old and currently has nine, have Sources of Col·lectiu Ronda, which has represented the interests of the grandmother, explained to Europa Press.

The court considers that the grandmother has been “the main reference of the minor since she has lived with her since she was two years old and has done so uninterruptedly”, so she sees it as a more beneficial measure to keep the grandmother the guard and custody that until Now he has exercised, collect the sentence.

The grandmother has an extended family support network and is in a position to take care of her grandson, whom she has taken care of, has taken care of her medical care, and has taken care of her academic follow-up, attending meetings and tutorials in the center, which shows that the child is perfectly adapted and with correct school grades.